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Dry Wine Bottling

Date 16 June 2014

Tomorrow 17th June 2014 we are starting the 2013 wine bottling and the team and I will be bottling around 4000 bottles of Chiltern Valley Dry white wine. It is tasting delicious and in fact I am... Read More

Ginger Wine

Date 15 May 2014

Finally our Ginger Wine is back in bottle which means we can all enjoy it again and stock up our cupboards! They say it can be good for you if you have a cold, I'm not sure about that but it cert... Read More

Love Henley

Date 10 April 2014

We are proud to be attending the Spring Love Henley seasonal local market on Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th April from 10am to 4pm at Val Wyatt Marine on the banks of the Thames to celebra... Read More

Damson Ale

Date 28 March 2014

Our famous and delicious Damson Ale is the creation of a blend of English Malted Barley's and English Hops. This Damson ale has the addition of fresh Damson juice to make... Read More

Damson Vodka Miniatures

Date 20 December 2013

We have now launched our famous and deliciuos Damson Vodka to join our recently launched miniature liqueur range. We had a very successful bottling run yesterday of over 1000 bottles o... Read More

Tasting Room

Date 17 December 2013

Our new Tasting Room is now open and we are running tastings in here as often as possible. It has been a project we have been working on and off for the last few months and we hope it will ensur... Read More

Sloe Gin

Date 27 November 2013

Our latest batch of Sloe Gin was made by the production team (Donald!) a few weeks ago, macerating the juice and gin together, it has now been blended, filtered and recently bottled. So now for the b... Read More
Pinot Noir 2013 Vintage

Pinot Noir 2013 Vintage

Date 23 October 2013

We are delighted to inform you of our 2013 Pinot Noir Vintage. We have been pressing these grapes over the last few weeks being harvest time and an exciting time of year. This wine will be ... Read More

New gift boxes for miniatures

Date 07 September 2013

Our New gift boxes for our new range of miniatures have officially landed, they are a great way to sample some of our best Liqueurs. Even better still they make a super gift for someone who dese... Read More

Electric Bikes

Date 09 July 2013

Only last week we had the official launch with us Chiltern Valley and the Electric Bike Network and the Chiltern Conservation Board. We now have two superb new electric bikes for rental for our B&... Read More

Lemon Zest Liqueur

Date 05 July 2013

Our latest excitement at Chiltern Valley is our new 'LEMON ZEST LIQUEUR'. A fairly well known style Liqueur but this one with a slight zesty twist. To be served from the f... Read More

New Minatures Liqueur Range

Date 02 May 2013

After having lots of interest shown by our customers in stocking smaller bottles of our Liqueur, this Summer we will be launching our brand new minatures range of some of our Liqueurs, howe... Read More
Old Luxters Blood Orange Liqueur

Old Luxters Blood Orange Liqueur

Date 03 April 2013

For those who are familiar they will know the pure beauty and enjoyment of sipping our Sicilian Blood Orange Liqueur. For those who are not so familiar, a trip up to Luxters for a free sample wi... Read More

Bed & Breakfast

Date 11 March 2013

We launched our Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast in the summer of 2012 and it has been a huge success so far with lots of people seeing the sense in booking a room to relax in after the Tour a... Read More

Coronation Festival 2013

Date 21 February 2013

So this year between 11th and 14th July we will be showcasing our wines, ales and liqueurs in Buckingham Palace for the one off special event taking place this summer. You can find out more informati... Read More
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