Frequently Asked Questions

Tour & Tastings

  • Do you have a cafe or coffe shop on site?

We do not have such a facility on site, however we do have a tea & coffee vending machine in the shop. We do have our own private chef and lunch is available on most week days from 12.30 - 2.30pm but we advise a call on the day for availability.

  • Do I need to use my voucher before the expiry date or do I need to book before it expires?

Each voucher will have it's own unique expiry date. You need to attend one of our tour & tastings BEFORE the voucher expires.

  • How many people does my voucher entitle for the tour?

All vouchers sold entitle two people to do the tour & tasting.

  • The tour dates only go so far in the year - can I book for a later month?

We open up the tour & tasting dates as the year goes on and we will always have tours available for at least 3 months in advance and often 6 months. If you want a specific month later in the year and cannot see those events yet, please re-visit the website at a later date when the tours have been opened up.

  • My voucher says weekdays only - can I use my voucher for the weekend tours?

Only recently we have opened up weekend dates and so the wording for the vouchers still states that we run weekday tours only. Your voucher entitles you to any available tour & tasting events, including weekends.

  • Why are there few Saturday tours?

Chiltern Valley Winery & Brewery is also home to Old Luxters barn which is used for events, mainly weddings. This means that the majority of events are held on a Saturday and so take over the estate, including the farmhouse B&B. This means we cannot run the tours and B&B on these days.

  • Can I bring my children on the tour? Is there an age limit for the tour?

We kindly ask you to not bring children (under 18's) including babies on the tour. Due to the nature of the tour & tastings being created arround alcoholic beverages it is not suitable for them. Also you will be guided around a working winery and brewery and so it is not a safe environment for children

  • Can I bring dogs on the tour?

We love dogs here at Chiltern Valley but we would politely ask you to not bring dogs with you for the tour & tastings firstly because you visit production areas that are neccessary to be highly sanitised, and secondly you are part of group and so we need to consider all guests i.e. allergies, fears.

  • Can I drive home after the tour?

The tasting is generous and you try around 3-4 wines, 2-3 beers and 3-4 liqueurs, served with cheese, crackers and water as a palate cleanser. It is just a small sampling of each product and you have the ability to spit, however you do need to be careful and know your limits when it comes to driving home.

  • Are the tours weather dependent?

The tours are not weather dependent and run all year round. The majority of the tour is undercover but you do move from building to building.

  • What do I need to wear?

Please ensure you wear comfortable shoes and warm clothing as you will be in outhouse buildings which can be cold.

Contact Details

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