What better way to bring a team together than with food and wine ..... a match made in heaven ! ignite and inspire your teams hunger for success, and their thirst to achieve their collective goals.

Old Luxters Vineyard Cookery & Wine Pairing School offers tailor-made corporate & private events to inspire your imagination...stand out from the crowd.....build confidence but most of all to mould you into a killer team !

Our courses are designed to be engaging, interactive and hands on, showcasing your teams leadership, communication and teamwork skills. Food and wine pairing gives your team the opportunity to have fun and get to know one another in a low-stress environment giving them moments that will resonate with them back at the office.

We have a fantastically fun and entertaining challenge specially designed for groups from 6-20.


The Wine Crate Challenge

Who can create the most delicious dishes paired perfectly with one of our fabulous wines, beers or liqueurs from the ingredients inside one of our wine crates.

The teams will be judged by our chefs and wine makers on taste, presentation, creativity and the perfect pairing.

You will be put into two teams whilst one team is cooking up a storm in our farmhouse kitchen the other will be in our winery and brewery learning how to match one of our wines, beers and liqueurs with the delicious dish that they have or are about to create. Both teams will be helped and hopefully inspired by our chefs and wine makers along the way.


12.00 pm: Welcome drink and an overview introduction and welcome by the owners.

12.30 pm: Get into teams, design and create your menu (s).

1.00 pm: Team A - Tour around the Vineyard & behind the scenes of the Winery & Brewery. Team B Cooking time.

2.00 pm: Team B - Tour around the Vineyard & behind the scenes of the Winery & Brewery - Team A Cooking time. 

3.00 pm: Wine tasting and pairing for both teams.

4.00 pm: Individual team wine pairing time.

5.00 pm: Judging time and prize giving time!


The Chefs & Wine Makers Challenge

Who can replicate our chefs dish to perfection? using only their eye for detail and their taste for success... as no recipe will be given. Can your teams pull together to firstly unravel exactly what is in the dish and to then plate it to perfection ! they will also have a blind tasting of our delicious wines, beers and liqueurs with our wine makers....can they guess what grape...hop or fruit is in it and which has been paired by our wine makers to the dish. This is the ultimate cooking and wine pairing challenge.


The Grand Challenge

Combine both of the above with a fabulous and entertaining wine tour by the owners of our winery (a little about you both) and an hours knife skills session with our chefs before cooking up a storm !